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Achieve Cute Nail Designs For Short Nails
If you ever thought that short nails never look as great as long nails, then, you were wrong. Nail art designs, especially the modern ones, offer you a variety of wonderful solutions on how to make your short nails look awesome. Decorate your nails with lovely prints and patterns to make sure you stand out in the midst of any crowd.
Embrace the latest designs for a high fashion look that radiates an advanced nail style. There are lots of patterns you can buy and hence it will be so easy to achieve the look you want.
If you want to make your short nails to look virtually longer, the stripped nail art is the right thing for you. Just as the stripped clothes is one of the biggest fashion trends of late, so are the stripped nail art designs for short nails. You will be amazed what this marvelous optical illusion will do for you.
One of the cute nail designs for short nails is based on Hello Kitty. This might sound hard but it’s actually very simple to paint this cute kitten on your nails so long as you have nail polishes that are based on pink, yellow and black colors. These shades are used in order to create the facial features of a Hello Kitty.
Try out as well the fingertips nail art design. This is one of the most popular nail art designs for this year. The design makes it possible to have your fingertips in different color than your nails. For instance, you can have polka dots or some amazing crackle nail polish. All these are really simple and very easy to apply. They therefore deserve to be in the best nail designs for short nails. You will definitely have cute fingertips than you thought.

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